The Toyota brand is a Japanese automobile company that is responsible for producing Toyota cars worldwide. They produce over 80% of vehicles used by Nigerians due to the high standard and durability of their products both for commercial use and personal use. The Japanese automaker goes a long way to understand the Nigerian environment and its economy, and design features that are suitable for the country in their products and spare parts for maintaining Toyota cars are also very much available and affordable in the Nigerian market. They also own the Lexus brand which functions as their subsidiary for luxury car production. In Nigeria, a Toyota car is expected to function properly with good maintenance for about 25 years or more.

The Nigerian environment provides more reasons for car owners, drivers, and families to always include an SUV in their collections of cars, because a trip to an area with poor road may arise at one point or another. Land Cruiser Prado is a full-size 4WD SUV manufactured by Toyota, they produce vehicles according to generations with development in body specification, featured components.

The Toyota Prado 2019 price in Nigeria shows that this vehicle is a fourth generation of the Land Cruiser Prado line of production, it was created on Toyota’s J150 platform.

Toyota designed many unique specifications in the Land Cruiser Prado according to different models. The different versions of this vehicle are fundamentally similar but there are some little features that make up the following models; 

  1. Toyota Prado 2019 GX

2. Toyota Prado 2019 GX L

3. Toyota Prado 2019 VX

  New Toyota Prado 2019 price in Nigeria
Model Price
Toyota Prado 2019 GX From ₦29 million above
Toyota Prado 2019 GX L From ₦34 million above
Toyota Prado 2019 VX From ₦37 million above
 Used Toyota Prado 2019 price in Nigeria
 Toyota Prado 2019 GX₦17 million – ₦22 million
 Toyota Prado 2019 GX L₦19 million – ₦25 million
 Toyota Prado 2019 VX₦23 million – ₦28 million

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