Toyota will finally introduce its first all-electric vehicles in the United States later this year, the world’s leading automaker announced on Wednesday, though it offered no further details about vehicle specs or pricing.

Toyota has previously said it’s developing an electric SUV on a new flexible platform that can power multiple Electric vehicles, following in the footsteps of Volkswagen, Hyundai, and the likes. The two new Electric vehicles will be announced alongside an unspecified Toyota hybrid.

In its announcement, Toyota praised the success of its hybrid models, but it once again leaned on a slight argument as to why it’s resisted all-electric vehicles. The company says it conducted some research that found out the total greenhouse gas emissions of all-electric and hybrid vehicles to be roughly the same when factoring in pollutants created by electricity creation for the average US energy grid used to charge batteries.

Globally, Toyota hybrid vehicles sold out have avoided an estimated 139 million tons of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. In the U.S., they have avoided approximately 38 million tons of greenhouse gas. This achievement is the result of Toyota’s longstanding commitment to the environment and creating a positive impact on the planet and its society.

Technically, these new electric vehicles won’t be the first of their kind from Toyota. Back in the 1990s, Toyota sold a battery-electric version of the RAV4 for California residents only. Likewise, Toyota currently offers the Mirai sedan strictly for California. Instead of using battery packs, the Mirai sedan is a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle with an electric motor. It offers range and refueling times similar to cars with internal combustion engines, but presently there isn’t a hydrogen substructure in place to support the mass production of fuel cell vehicles.

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