Car rims are objects that fabricate the external circular design of a wheel where the inside edge of the tire is mounted on the vehicle. Depending on price and type, an individual choice of rims will say a lot about the appearance and state of a vehicle on the road.  Steel is the main component used when manufacturing a rim. However, there are few other materials that are also used that differentiates one rim from the other. Below are the types of car rims you should know about.

1. Steel rims


Steel rims are one of the types of car rims that is the cheapest and most popular car rims in the automobile market. This type of rims comes with most vehicles. Unlike other types of rims, they are not really beautiful to the eyes and they look very heavy.

2. Alloy rims


Car owners nowadays do not mind changing the entire steel rims by changing them to alloy rims because they are much lighter than steel rims and obviously more appealing. With less weight, it relieves the engine and also makes the car move faster.

3. Chrome rims


The chrome rims are not as common as the steel rims and the alloy rims. The chrome rims look shiny and most people do mistake it for steel rims. Unlike the alloy rims that look appealing and make the car moves faster, the chrome rims are mainly for the beatification of the wheels. The owner might need to replace it earlier than other rims when it gets scratched or starts getting old.

4. Spinners


The Spinners was once an automotive trend some decades ago, especially in the 1990s. Some people do call these spinners with another name such as ‘Spinning wheels”. Just like the chrome rims, they’re just there to make a car beautiful on the road.

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