US President Joe Biden to replace government vehicles with electric vehicles (EVs) that are made in the US by American workers.

President Joe Biden knows that the automotive industry is going forward to an electric future and is pushing the US government to get boarded as soon as possible.

US President to replace Government vehicles is part of a campaign promise Biden made while running for president.

As at 2019, the federal government has over 645,000 vehicles, so it’s likely going to take years for a full replacement to happen.

The plan was made public during a news conference about the expansion of the “Buy American” Act of 1933. Although it wasn’t directly addressed in the executive order, Biden said that the federal government would begin switching over to electric vehicles.

At the announcement of the executive order, he noted that the federal government owns an enormous fleet of vehicles, which is going to be replace with clean electric vehicles made in America, by American workers. This act is going to create a lot of jobs for auto workers.

No other information was announced during the press conference, but switching over to an all-electric vehicle is no small task. Both American automakers are committed to an all-electric future by investing billions of dollars in battery technologies and other necessary infrastructure.

The proposed job was accepted with open arms by the United Auto Workers. The union applauded Biden for sending a “strong message to American workers that its government will do all in its power to support buying American products which are made by American workers.  

What the president, Joe Biden, and the order do say is that the importance of individual components needs to be such that they contribute to the U.S. economy.

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