The picture above is definitely not a plane nor a limousine either. It is the first-ever Learmousine to be introduced and it is about to be auctioned for the second time. 

The Learmousine is a rear jet-based long vehicle that was revealed for the first time in one of the episodes in Ridiculous Rides. The owner of the vehicle had to spend over $1 million to create this rear vehicle, and he is not ready to sell it for anything less than $5 million.


From thorough investigation, we were able to find out that the vehicle was taken by the Mecum Auctions to its Indy sales, an event that took place from the 23rd of June to 28th of June in 2020. But sadly, no one was able to take the vehicle home as the highest bid stopped at $600,000. The Mecum Auctions will show off the vehicle at the Indy 2021 for the second time and it set to hold between the 14th and 22nd of May in 2021.

The Learmousine was created in Oregon by Dan Harris. According to reports, the rear limousine was initially a private jet before the creator of the vehicle took the framework and mated it to a custom steel frame. This creation of this rear vehicle actually took the creator 2 years of intense research, design, and development.


The outside body of the Learmousine is decorated with Dark Candy Red paint. Since the vehicle can’t be used as a private jet again, the usual turbine engines embedded on the sides have now been replaced with speakers. The Learmousine is powered by a V8 Chevrolet Vortec 8.1-liter truck engine and generates about 400 horsepower and a peak speed of 100 mph.

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